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Shulamit's Eilat Diving Adventures
Crowne Plaza Promenade
at the Eilat Marina
+972 54 475 8525
PADI IRRA Member S-21541

Licensed by the Israeli Sport Diving Authority

Shulamit Koretz
PADI Master Instructor

Guided Boat and Shore Dives
in small groups of up to 4 divers


Our new custom-built dayboat Ashira returning from its maiden voyage in May 2017!


It's your vacation!

Don't spend it following herds of inexperienced divers on quick tours of tired dive sites. We will show you the best that underwater Eilat has to offer - reefs, wrecks, and lots of interesting life. Enjoy diving from the pier in the Coral Beach Nature Reserve.

We go out for two-tank boat and shore dives every morning. Requests for single shore dives, afternoon dives and even night dives can often be accommodated but should be arranged in advance.


Better dives!

We will guide you on thrilling and fascinating dives on the best sites in Eilat - all in accordance with your interests and preferences, and your level of certification and experience. No time limits on your dives. Free use of a dive computer. Free nitrox for nitrox-certified divers. (If you're not nitrox-certified, ask me about turning a day of guided dives into a nitrox course.)


New and well-maintained equipment!

I have a full selection of Mares and TUSA weight-integrated BC's, Mares and Beuchat regulators, wetsuits of all thicknesses and sizes, masks and fins. And booties of course (not a universal practice in Eilat). Full equipment, including Suunto computer, is included.


Personal Service!

Diving with Shulamit includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. The cooler is always packed with complimentary mineral water and between-dive snacks.

Need assistance with your equipment? Don't be embarassed to ask - We know that shore diving can be a challenge, and we're happy to carry your tank into the water and out again.





Nudibranch Dives
(February through May only)

It's slug season!

Eilat has an annual sea slug season that peaks from February to May. The first opisthobranchs (sea slugs) appear already in January, but in February, we see substantial numbers of these small but beautiful creatures.

We (my husband Binyamin and I) have photographed and identified over 160 different species here in Eilat, and our photos have appeared in three of the sea slug books published in recent years. We know the special sites where the slugs reliably appear, and we'll be happy to guide you on a nudibranch dive. (You must be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent.)

Nudibranch dives are best at night because more of our slugs are active at night than in daytime, although in some years we can find a lot in daytime also. The best sites are at depths of 20-26m, and are best dived on nitrox for the most sea slug fun.